Green City Development

Green City Development

Changing cities, municipalities and urban districts


Our living, working and mobility behavior has changed radically in recent decades. At the same time, demographic change and migration poses great challenges for cities and local government authorities. The impacts of climate change are also more evident in the cities than in rural areas. This difficult situation demands new approaches to urban development.

Challenge for modern urban development

As society transitions to greater sustainability, city districts play a preeminent role. They provide the environment in which people live and work. It is here that social networking takes place, urban infrastructures are operated, and urban development and architectural visions are developed.

For this reason, the ultimate goal must be to achieve lasting benefits and synergy for urban development. This calls for solutions that combine economy, ecology, and technology while meeting requirements for high quality of life and environment.

How can this be achieved? Innovative approaches allow districts to be redeveloped and optimized. Infill and development of disused sites offer great opportunities for innovative developments. Equally, existing districts have to be upgraded, for example by making buildings more energy-efficient.

Integrated strategies for sustainable development


Drees & Sommer takes a multidisciplinary approach to initiating, planning and managing development and renewal processes for entire cities, districts, and individual buildings and properties. To achieve the optimum outcome for all participants, in the ideal case we start supporting the client before concrete project development begins.

For decades, our company has been synonymous with successful planning and control of real estate, infrastructure and development consulting projects.


  • Srategic development for cities, local government authorities and companies as well as for development, renovation and remodeling projects
  • Sound initiation, planning and control of sustainable development processes (competition management, technical due diligence, and technical and economic controlling
  • Development of integrated solutions from master plan to building concept
  • Networking and workload reduction for all project participants through an experienced, practice-oriented, interdisciplinary team
  • Expert support throughout the entire project and at all levels (city, district, building)
  • Innovative approaches through expert network and involvement in research and development projects
  • Sustainability consulting right through to district and real estate certification by experienced auditors for all systems (DGNB, LEED, BREEAM etc.);
  • Analysis of urban planning drafts and projects (performance specifications, design guidelines, potential analyses)
  • Technical consulting and planning (energy and climate protection concepts, general technical planning, environmental assessments, life-cycle cost calculations, simulations, noise measurements, and mobility concepts etc.)