Customized Smart Buildings

Customized Smart Buildings


It is not the number of sensors that makes the difference in a smart building, but the value added for the user. For this reason, a digital transformation strategy developed jointly with you is always the first step. Our experts will support you in the development of new business models and in the planning process from construction to commissioning. We take into account your requirements, existing business models, any business changes, and the potential of your company. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used, not as an end in itself, but to create an intelligent building that learns from its users so that it can optimize operating costs and generate value added for users. Allowance is also made for the needs of employees by means of professional change management. You end up with an intelligent building precisely tailored to your needs – a customized smart building.


▪ Developing a digitization strategy for your company (requirements management)

▪ Cost/benefit analysis for digitization

▪ Developing new business models through digitization

▪ Developing a digital real estate platform using AI

▪ Defining digitization requirements for your construction projects

▪ Supporting your construction project (implementation of the digitization strategy)

▪ Commissioning your construction project and your business models

▪ Providing organizational consulting for operation

▪ Data analysis and optimization process.