Project Management

Project Management

Project Management for customers with vision

Project Management in China is based on a different approach and offers different services compared to Germany. This is partly because it is difficult to transfer European building requirements on a one-to-one basis.

For this reason, over many years, we have adapted our Project Management services to Chinese practices regarding planning, approval and decision-making.  This is a key contributing factor to our customers’ success.


Your benefit with Drees & Sommer

Drees & Sommer Project Management has been customized for China and starts supporting you during the initiation phase of your project. We work with you to develop the functional and spatial properties of your individual project. We not only define the project goals, but also determine the most appropriate project setup for you. We provide support in the form of local expertise in your search for investors, land or rental properties.

We initiate at an early stage the necessary approval processes with public authorities. We develop a precise schedule and budget and establish a robust concept design, for example for spatial planning.

During the design phase, we support you every step of the way. This includes expert assessment of design results by German graduate engineers. Where necessary, we provide guidance to local planners with regard to internal organization and level of detail. In addition to reliable design delivery management, we draw up detailed costings and schedules.

During the tendering and award phase, our specialists prepare the necessary documents, such as performance specifications, and draft contracts that have been tried and tested on the Chinese market. In collaboration with the client, we examine bidders’ reference projects and qualifications and manage the tender process right through to contract signing with successful bidders.

Our engineers ensure optimal construction through quality controls based on European expectations. This includes strict organization on the construction site, especially for sample inspection, site inspections, execution details, and documentation. We coordinate the scope and level of detail of cost management with you as the client. To do this, we use professional software that has a modifiable reporting structure that can be linked to other systems such as for example SAP. In combination with this we also keep a close eye on the construction timeline.

To ensure the successful completion of your project we organize and support all acceptance, handover and commissioning processes, and following completion, establish the actual cost of the project. Our services during this phase also cover documentation and quality assurance of the project.