EOT Claim Check

EOT Claim Check

EOT Claim Check – to prevent losses

Shutting down or temporary stoppage of a project or ongoing construction site often result in delays. Such postponements come in many forms and occur due to many reasons. They almost always result in additional direct and indirect project costs, and various parties involved may suffer losses.  Construction contracts generally allow the contractual Time for Completion to be extended, which is why Contractors are now coming forward with their Extension of Time (EOT) claims for time and money.

Any of these construction delays have a technical, a commercial, and a legal perspective, which need to be looked into in parallel to achieve the best possible result. Drees & Sommer in China has joined forces with CMS, China (the well known International law firm providing legal and tax services) to offer an effective service package. They bring all the necessary expertise together for a reasonable fee.

Drees & Sommer can assist with technical and commercial services likeevaluate the viability and technical basis of the claim(s) brought forward by contractors. Check the claim schedule(s), and elaborate comparison schedules (baseline-fact comparisons on detail level). Quantity Survey of the quoted items and costs and analyse the potential for acceleration measures and their cost.

Additionally CMS, China provide support with its legal expertise by conducting a legal review of EOT and other claims based on construction project contracts or relevant statutory laws and regulations. They offer a legal examination of direct and indirect losses and advice during out-of-court negotiations to reach an amicable settlement.

With this service, the clients benefit from the additional value of minimizing the direct and indirect costs of a given delay and reducing the accumulated delay by proper acceleration measures.


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