Design Management

Design Management

Design Management – the key to project success


Like anywhere else, good design doesn’t happen by accident, but requires careful preparation. The
planning process is strictly regulated. Planning has to be undertaken by licensed
Local Design Institutes (LDIs). The service provided by the LDI often has weaknesses, such as:

  • Depth and scope of services in practice often lag significantly behind regulations
  • Tendency to adopt standard solutions without taking individual needs into account
  • Chinese standards – such as those for graphic detail in standard detail catalogs – are often outdated
  • Inefficient solutions resulting from paying too much attention to safety

Such problems in planning can lead to cost overruns, additional claims on the part of the general contractor, and time-consuming plan changes in the construction phase. This can only be prevented by strict project management that sets the right course during planning.

Drees & Sommer Design Management starts with the selection and commissioning of the LDI, which contractually regulates all requirements for good planning. This includes, for example, a level of
service that fills all regulatory deficiencies, plan delivery lists with deadlines, CAD standards, cross sections and plan numbering, as well as covering organizational issues. We also control the process with maximum efficiency in cases where the planner contract has already been concluded.

During the planning phase, we hold design meetings with clients, users, architects and the LDI, clarifying any issues in detail. We then subject implementation of all measures to strict supervision.

Our service includes design reviews for all key intermediate and final deliveries. We also provide this as a separate service for customers, on request. Our experienced engineers and experts assess the design with regard to compliance with standards and regulations, user requirements, and with regard to consistency and necessary fine-tuning. We discuss our comments with the LDI, which generally accepts our suggestions.