BIM Solutions

BIM Solutions

Improve your planning, construction and operations with Building Information Modeling


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is currently revolutionizing planning and construction processes, and is one way of helping the construction industry meet its latest challenges. It is all about bundling digital planning data together in one system, allowing buildings to be completed on a virtual basis before progressing to physical construction in concrete, steel and glass.

BIM describes a holistic digital planning process linking all planners together in a single network. BIM planning uses a database to connect information such as space plans, dimensions, quantities, item descriptions, all the way through to costs. At the same time, BIM is also a new form of interdisciplinary team work (collaboration). A virtual model serves as the basis for the building or infrastructure under construction. The BIM method seeks to arrive at a precise performance prediction enabling the economic and environmental effects of the project to be assessed and optimized. In short, at the end of the process, clients are given an exact physical version of what we originally showed them in digital form.

Not only do our specialists know BIM inside out – they are also extremely familiar with your core business and the processes in your industry. We do not sell software – we provide independent advice on possible solutions. The only criteria for selecting the correct BIM software are your requirements! Right from the start, Drees & Sommer’s BIM experts also make sure your data is usable at every stage and is available to help you make money both during your normal operations and in later applications.

Service elements and service modules

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  • BIM Information Management
  • BIM Management
  • BIM Overall Coordination
  • BIM Quality Management