EXPO REAL 2019: Real Evolution since 1970

Drees & Sommer – a start-up? Yes, back in 1970! Whether as a start-up company or a grown-up enterprise: there are no quick-fixes for becoming lean, agile, disruptive or innovative, it is living and implementing our beliefs what counts. Learn more at this year’s Expo Real from October 7 – 9 in Munich.

At NOVA3, we will showcase how we have developed and launched new business models with start-ups or integrated them to the benefit of our clients. Always economical, digital, innovative and sustainable, as you have come to expect from us: Experience our real-world Cradle to Cradle concepts – not only in our buildings, but at our exhibition booth as well.

For almost 50 years our innovations and new business models have been changing the future for the better – for our clients, for ourselves and for everyone else: Our approach is holistic and sustainable, in thought and in action. Our solutions and projects are future-proof in multiple respects: economically, ecologically and functionally. They are #futureproofed.



Experience them live at Expo Real – you can talk to us at our booth or at the following forums and tours:

  • Monday, October 7, Start: NOVA3 Info (A3.100) at 15:00 hours, End: Drees & Sommer trade fair booth, at approx. 16:30 hours
  • Tuesday, October 8, Start: NOVA3 Info (A3.100) at 13:00 hours, End: Drees & Sommer trade fair booth, at approx. 14:30 hours
  • Wednesday, October 9, Start: NOVA3 Info (A3.100) at 11:00 hours, End: Drees & Sommer trade fair booth, at approx. 12:30 hours


    • 08.10.2019, NOVA3 FORUM, 10:40 – 11:00 HOURS, HALL A3, BOOTH 420: Digital? But for sure! – The intelligent networking of people, buildings and business processes (in German), Klaus Dederichs, Partner and Head of ICT at Drees & Sommer  
    • 08.10.2019, INVESTMENT LOCATIONS FORUM, 15:00 – 15:50 HOURS, HALL A1, BOOTH 140: Investment Opportunities in the MENA Region (in English), Stephan Degenhart, Associate Partner at Drees & Sommer  
    • 09.10.2019, INTELLIGENT URBANIZATION FORUM, 9:00 – 13:00 HOURS, HALL C1, BOOTH 442: Urban mining – the city as a raw material warehouse in the future circular economy (in German), Gregor Grassl, Head of Blue City at Drees & Sommer  
    • 09.10.2019, GRAND PLAZA, 11:00 – 11:50 HOURS, HALL C2, BOOTH 240: When the postman doesn’t ring anymore: Innovative solutions for the competition over the last mile (in German), Janine Dietze, Head of Logistics at Drees & Sommer


    You can also visit us at the following booths:

    • Swiss Circle: A3.220
    • World of Hospitality: A2.140
    • Hamburg: B2.430