Residential Housing: Increased Efficiency and Process Optimization Using Lean Construction Management (LCM)

Dirk Jannausch, Head of Drees & Sommer's LCM Expert Center, will be speaking at Wohnungsbau 2017 (Residential Housing 2017) in Bonn on November 21 on the occasion of the event's second annual conference.

Organized by Management Forum Starnberg, the annual conference is dedicated to planning and construction trends and concepts in residential housing. Within the context of the event, Dirk Jannausch will be speaking about how Lean Construction Management can be used to optimize processes in the construction of social housing and how efficiency can be increased. His lecture will focus in particular on the prerequisites for Lean Construction, the use of synergies and the coordination of contractors by means of collaborative cooperation. Dirk Jannausch will use project examples to illustrate the advantages that can be gained by using LCM, especially in the field of residential housing.

Further information on the event can be found in the program.