Drees & Sommer involved in planning of Continental’s new corporate headquarters

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More than just a physical connection: the bridge will also promote communication between employees.

The campus-like character of the new corporate headquarters will make interconnected collaboration between employees easier.

Over the next three years Continental plans to construct a new corporate headquarters in Hanover for more than 1,250 employees. One of the first steps in this extensive project was the competition to select a firm of architects. It was announced at the beginning of June that the Munich-based firm Henn had pipped its competitors at the post. Drees & Sommer is responsible for project management and will also assist and advise the technology company on corporate architecture, digitisation strategy and facility management. Construction is set to begin in April 2018.



The project will allow Continental to bring its existing administration centres, some of which are located in the city of Hanover, together in a single complex. The new corporate headquarters is to be built on either side of Hans-Böckler-Allee near Hanover’s ‘Pferdeturm’ and will occupy a gross footprint of 46,000 square metres. The plan is to link the buildings on either side of the street by building a bridge over it.

‘Precise specifications are essential if we are to translate the corporate culture into architectural language while meeting the very highest sustainability standards,’ declared Martin Albrecht, Drees & Sommer’s project partner with responsibility for the project. The project management and consultancy firm advised the technology company in this task, provided potential analyses and coordinated the architecture competition. Continental will also draw on Drees & Sommer’s support when developing contract-awarding strategies for planning and construction.