International Financial Center in Moscow: A new urban district is being created with the help of City BIM.

Das geplante Stadtquartier befindet sich am Ufer der Moskwa.

New housing is to be provided for 65,000 people in the west of the Moscow metropolitan region. As part of the International Financial Center (IFC) project, a modern district is to be built on a 460-hectare site in Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye. In addition to residential and office buildings, the district will also have kindergartens, schools, medical centers, hotels, and various other facilities. As a member of a consortium, Drees & Sommer planned the supply infrastructure for the new development. The project management and consulting firm managed and represented the international planning team, and developed the financial model for the IFC.

Using Building Information Modeling (BIM), the experts summarized data on wastewater and rainwater, drinking water, telecommunications, energy, electricity and roads in a 3D city model. Integrated tools were used, for example to simulate the microclimate and to create a virtual model and augmented reality. City BIM was used for the planning of interfaces and for the supply and disposal infrastructure. This approach was made possible by the transfer of experience and expertise gained from the use of BIM for planning individual buildings to large-scale urban planning.

In a dynamic financial model, Drees & Sommer experts calculated the cost of various development scenarios, estimated the impact of different engineering solutions on the project’s time frame and overall financial result. The specially developed algorithm of calculation of demand for engineering infrastructure of each project unit allowed to take the optimal solutions and to keep the architectural concept in accordance to the initial idea of the Author. The company was also responsible for consulting on sustainability. The land-use plans are scheduled for the official approval until end of 2016.