360-degree study of the most important trends in facility management across Europe

The market study clearly shows predominant scepticism towards outsourcing services. 81 per cent of principals and user representatives take a critical view of increased dependency on FM providers and the loss of in-house expertise.

The study findings reveal a change with regard to operator responsibility. Whereas the last market study showed that 80 per cent of those consulted still saw overall responsibility shared between various players involved and not, as clearly defined, with the real estate owner, only 40 per cent thought this in the current survey. The figures nevertheless mean that there is a lot still to be done regarding this subject.

On the subject of staff, both principals (83 per cent) and contractors (74 per cent) criticize, above all, the lack of employees in the technical field. This suggests that liability-related issues relating to operator obligations are frequently not fully covered. Furthermore, participants agree that a colourful mixture of specialist and personal expertise is needed within the company or the team in order to cover the multidimensional nature of real estate issues.

As in the last market study, principals and contractors almost unanimously recognise that the FM market for sustainable operator models and products is still in its infancy.

In international comparison, 80 per cent of contractors and 70 per cent of principals see the FM sector in Germany well positioned.

You can access the detailed study finding in our media center.