Berlin TXL: A research and industrial park is to be created for up to 17,500 employees in the heart of the capital city

Mit Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic wird die Hauptstadt zu einer noch attraktiveren Metropole für Innovatoren und kreative Köpfe.

Five times as big as Mainau Island: That’s how much building land will become available following the closure of Berlin’s Tegel airport. An innovative and sustainable research and industrial park for urban technologies is to be created there: The Urban Tech Republic. In addition to a new campus for Beuth University, plans include a start-up center, as well as experiment and test areas. A residential complex with some 5,000 apartments, several schools, day-care centers, sports facilities and shops will also be built right next to the research park. An interdisciplinary Drees & Sommer team is helping Tegel Projekt GmbH with this extensive urban development.

Around 1,000 enterprises with an estimated 5,000 students and scientists will research, develop and realize the future of our cities in the Urban Tech Republic. They will find sufficient space for their work in the existing Berlin Tegel airport buildings and facilities, as a Smart City with a large research and industry park is to be established there. All buildings on the site will be completely remodeled and repurposed. In addition to office space, some 5,000 apartments, school and kindergarten facilities, as well as commercial space and parks are planned.

To achieve this goal, in 2011, Tegel Projekt GmbH commissioned Drees & Sommer with project management and engineering. As part of the task of determining basic design data, the experts first carried out technical due diligence. In a first step, the experts analyzed possible repurposing of 38 established buildings and developed outline scenarios for interim and long-term use. In a further step, the consultants developed innovative concepts for infrastructure and energy. As part of the development process, they are also developed various transport concepts: pedestrian, cycle, bus, subway, and cable car or E-mobility. The approaches developed resulted in a district concept that integrates and balances ecological, economic and social aspects. In early 2016, the Urban Tech Republic was the first business park worldwide to be precertified with the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) Platinum label.