Barcelona: Sustainability drive for Espai Barça

FC Barcelona is remodeling the entire Les Corts district around Camp Nou. The district development is called Espai Barça and is expected to cost about EUR 600 million. The focal point of the development is the Camp Nou stadium, which is also part of the urban development project. Following its redevelopment, the new venue will have a capacity of 105,000 spectators. Espai Barça will be developed in compliance with sustainability criteria, as confirmed by DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) certification for the entire district. FC Barcelona brought Drees & Sommer on board as a consultant in this area.

A Smart City and sustainability campaign is planned for the entire 35-hectare Les Corts district. The district is no longer to be the reserve of football fans, as in the past. Instead, the entire area – which is to become a completely self-contained urban district – will be accessible to the public around the clock. A sophisticated waste concept will radically increase the recycling rate and sensitize the fans to the topic of resource conservation. The roofs of the Les Corts district will allow rainwater harvesting, and greywater will be reused. To generate electricity, solar panels are to be installed on the new stadium roof, which by itself has an area of over 47,000 square meters. The new roof also reduces noise pollution on match days and enables optimal shading of the inside in summer. A large part of the Les Corts district will be car-free, and most parking will be underground. The stadium will remain in operation during the redevelopment. The first goals will be scored in the completely revamped stadium in 2021.  Drees & Sommer is acting as consultant to FC Barcelona with regard to future-oriented solutions for energy, water, transport, waste, microclimate, Smart Grid and DGNB certification.