‘Project management in building construction with BIM and Lean Management’ now in its 4th revised and expanded edition

Das Buch ist im Springer-Verlag erschienen (ISBN 978-662-48923-9) und hat 258 Seiten. Es kostet als Hardcover 69,99 Euro und ist auch als eBook für 54,99 Euro erhältlich.

The standard work by Professor Dr.-Ing. Hans Sommer covers the entire spectrum of management and consulting for the construction and conversion of buildings of all kinds. The 4th edition integrates new methods such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Lean Construction Management (LCM).

More than ever, professional project management is crucial for the successful completion of major projects. Digital planning and construction, combined with Lean Management methods at the working level, will largely shape the future. “On the one hand it’s about the planning method Building Information Modeling, which, in addition to improved quality, also leads to the industrialization of processes, making them more economical. On the other hand, lean principles are finding their way into planning and construction processes in the form of Lean Construction Management,” says Professor Sommer describing the new content of the 4th edition.

Based on over 45 years’ experience in project management, the book is a practical guide to key elements of project execution across all phases of a project, from consulting and planning to construction and commissioning. The book describes the project manager’s role, methods and tools, and the key processes involved. It explains how the project execution can be made efficient and transparent to deliver optimal utility, design, sustainability and economy for the principal, while at the same time ensuring cost and schedule certainty. This standard work addresses project managers, project developers and construction specialists, but also those representing principals and investors who have recognized that economical and sustainable construction will be key issues in the future for the construction and real estate industries. 

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