A decade of sustainable building: DGNB celebrates its anniversary

Last Wednesday the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) celebrated a major milestone. In only 10 years the independent non-profit organisation has developed into the leading network for sustainable building in Europe.

As a founding member of the DGNB, Drees & Sommer has been promoting a comprehensive understanding of sustainability and its practical implementation since the very beginning. Personal commitment is one of the ways that reflects the importance of the topic: at the end of June, Dr Peter Mösle, partner in Drees & Sommer SE, was confirmed in his office as member of the Board of Directors and will continue to represent the German Sustainable Building Council externally over the next two years. In addition, many other employees of Drees & Sommer are campaigning for sustainable building through the DGNB. One of these is Gregor Grassl, an expert in the field of green city development at Drees & Sommer, who makes the case for sustainable urban development in the committee for sustainable urban development.

With around 1,200 member organisations, the DGNB is now Europe's largest network for sustainable building. The DGNB certification system for sustainable buildings and urban districts is the market leader in Germany. It is used in construction projects in more than 20 countries worldwide. The most important projects handled jointly by Drees & Sommer and the Sustainable Building Council include the 50Hertz transmission system operator’s new corporate headquarters Netzquartier in Berlin; renovation of Deutsche Bank’s Twin Towers, the RAG AG project on the Zollverein coal mine – a UNESCO world heritage site –; and the remodelling of Drees & Sommer's offices at Obere Waldplätze 11 in Stuttgart.