Premiere: BIM Practice Guide 1.0 ready for download

Auf informieren sich zahlreiche Experten über die aktuellen Entwicklungen im Bereich Building Information Modeling.

The publishing house Beuth Verlag, Drees & Sommer and vrame Consult are for the first time offering a BIM Practice Guide 1.0 as a free download. The guide is integrated into the platform, which went live on April 21, 2016. The guide gives principals and planners a substantive basis for their BIM projects, including construction specifications. In addition to the guide, reference projects, research findings, a calendar of events, a forum, and relevant background information make the BIM blog a hub for the implementation of BIM in Germany.

Construction projects are becoming increasingly complex. There are many reasons for this, including the growing number of people and specializations involved in each project. Diversity of design and safety & sustainability requirements have also risen sharply. All this makes goal-oriented management of projects ever more challenging. This approach allows a building to be completed virtually before it is actually built. So far, only a small number construction companies in Germany are making use of BIM. The reason: In contrast to the United Kingdom and Scandinavian countries, for example, Germany currently has no practical standards or guidelines.

Drees & Sommer, vrame Consult and Beuth Verlag have jointly launched the BIM Blog ( to pave the way for the use of BIM in practice in Germany. The BIM Practice Guide 1.0 is the centerpiece of the website. The document aims to provide the foundation for better structuring of BIM construction projects across companies. Meticulous assignment of roles and responsibilities helps to ensure clear structuring of projects. In addition, the guide provides a binding specification of formats, the level of detail, and the manner in which information is exchanged. The document also includes an orientation matrix to define project milestones and check whether these are met on schedule. This minimizes the risk of a delay in the overall construction process and allows costings to be verified and secured. The platform is open as it is intended as a contribution to BIM practice in Germany. BIM Practice Guide 1.0 will be further developed in collaboration with platform visitors.

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