BIM blog: 22,000 page views in 10 weeks

The platform went on online on April 21, 2016. Since then, its publishers – Beuth Verlag, Drees & Sommer and vrame consult – have registered 22,000 page views. On average, the page was accessed 300 times a day. The BIM Best Practice Guide 1.0 has been downloaded 740 times.

“The huge response demonstrates the strong demand for our platform. It also proves the need for robust standards and guidelines for profitable broad-based application of Building Information Modeling in Germany,” says Steffen Szeidl, Member of the Drees & Sommer Executive Board.

Auf informieren sich zahlreiche Experten über die aktuellen Entwicklungen im Bereich Building Information Modeling.

The platform provides principals and planners with a substantive basis for their BIM projects, including construction specifications. The BIM Best Practice Guide 1.0 is the core element of the website. The document lays the foundations for the structure of BIM construction projects by defining the distribution of roles, responsibilities, and tasks. In addition, the guide has binding specifications for formats, the level of detail, and the manner in which information is exchanged. The goal is to create a constantly evolving platform that allows a diverse range of industry players to exchange information and ideas. A clear service description and a guideline for BIM contracts are currently in preparation and will be uploaded soon. The publishers also plan to increase current users’ involvement in the platform.