Drees & Sommer at the BIM Roadshow in Stuttgart

Steffen Szeidl, Member of the Executive Board of Drees & Sommer

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) Roadshow will be held in Stuttgart on December 1, 2015. Steffen Szeidl, Member of the Executive Board of Drees & Sommer, will speak about the BIM method and BIM management in practice.

The roadshow, which is entitled ‘BIM – the logical step or an impossible promise of salvation’ was initiated by the law firm CMS Hasche Sigle and the VBI (German Association of Consulting Engineers). The goal of the series of events is to clarify the impact and the current role of BIM for principals, planners and construction companies, and to arrive at an interim assessment of the technology. In addition to presentations on the topic, specific practical examples will be presented to demonstrate the extent to which the method is already being used and illustrate where structural difficulties are being encountered. The participants will also discuss the legal challenges resulting from the use of Building Information Modeling. The BIM Roadshow will conclude in Stuttgart on December 1, 2015, following a total of seven events. At the final event, Steffen Szeidl will speak about the practical implementation of the BIM method and BIM management.


For further information on the BIM Roadshows, please see Link.