Asset Check Tool Combines Building and Market Benchmarks for the First Time: Developed Jointly by Drees & Sommer and bulwiengesa

The Asset Check provides the user with location- and object-specific benchmarks to the property.

The new digital tool allows users to carry out an initial analysis on real estate investments with different types of use. With the aid of real estate specific indices such as income and cost figures, in addition to economic and regional data, properties can be pre-assessed quickly and cost-efficiently during the buying, holding and selling phases.

Until now, data on costs and on the market has been collected separately and not examined as mutually interdependent factors. The combination of Drees & Sommer’s service portfolio with bulwiengesa’s expertise in market analysis based on structured data has enabled a completely new product to be offered. It can be used to carry out an initial assessment of any real estate investment, even in atypical investment locations. It gives an overview of real estate and market related data in the form of benchmarks such as operating expenses (OPEX) and capital expenditure (CAPEX), in addition to information on rents, purchasing power and centrality.

Users enter figures for their real estate object. The tool gives them appropriate comparative figures from a market and building cost perspective. This combined, condensed form is new. Steffen Szeidl, Member of the Executive Board of Drees & Sommer SE, explained: ‘Asset Check provides clients with a quick, cost-efficient initial assessment for their real estate investment without any need for a lengthy due diligence process.’

Ralf-Peter Koschny, Chairman of the Board of Directors of bulwiengesa AG, continued: ‘The improved advance knowledge that the tool provides on the relevant real estate investment allows buyers, portfolio holders and sellers alike to direct their plans better.’ Asset Check is available online as a mobile website optimized for tablet and smartphone. Intended for universal application, Asset Check can be used by different target groups, including investors and project developers active on the German market, portfolio holders considering optimizing their property, or real estate owners wanting to gather further information about their real estate investment before a potential sale. For novices, the tool provides access to information on the German market in general or to a specific real estate class. Asset Check can also provide banks with important advance information to aid decision-making regarding a possible participation in financing. (For more details, please visit:; information in English will be available shortly).